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Sometimes I feel really overwhelmed with the enormity of tasks I perform throughout the day. The thing is, when Oscar gets home from work, and asks, “What did you do today?” I find myself replying the same way, “Oh, not too much.”

Whaaat? Only this morning I was desperate for a “mental health” day, and seriously considered spending the entire morning and afternoon watching “House Hunters.”

The problem is my  daily “To-do” list consists of the following items (give or take a few) each day:

1) Finish Laundry ~ The chore that never ends. And I mean never. There is nothing I despise more than doing the laundry. Yuck and yuck.

2) Collect the trash ~ Pretty boring, but one of the grodiest jobs on the list.

3) Vacuum rug ~ It’s wool and though I love it, at the rate it sheds, I could collect the wool, and have a pair of new socks every couple of weeks.

4) Sweep floor ~ See number three. Also, I have long dark hair , and both my daughters do as well. Let’s just say, if I don’t sweep on a regular basis, my house could easily be mistaken for a barber shop.

5) Vacuum up hair in the bathrooms ~ See number four…one word H-A-I-R. Another word…G-R-O-S-S.

6) Wash the dishes  ~ these are usually left over from dinner the previous evening. What can I say? I also hate doing the dishes.

I can continue, but any other task I add to the list, would be equally mundane. What I don’t put on my list, but I should, is stuff like, take a shower, pick up Sabrina from school, make dinner, make sure I’m on schedule with Chloe’s feedings, and breathing treatments, and anything thing else she may need. Which today included a game of Monopoly Junior, I really didn’t want to play. A game that I lost, because I stink at Monopoly, and Chloe is a “take no prisoners” kind of player. She also informed me before we started playing, that she was going to “beat the pants off me.” Mission Accomplished.

I guess, even the mundane is something though, so when Oscar asks me tonight, “What did you do today?” I’ll refer him to this post.


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