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Deciphering Tween Speak

I love my daughters, really. Very much.

They are twelve and eight.

One has “special needs,” the eight year old, and one is twelve, which is almost like having special needs.

I jest, I jest, calm down.

Sometimes it feels that way.

Tween speak.

Or should I say tween text? Type? Communication? Whatever you want to call it, is seriously bizarre.

Case in point, tweens and texting/posting on social networking websites.

I am not a big fan of texting, and do not encourage it, however, Sabrina has a cell phone,

and it’s strictly for emergencies….uh-huh…right.

Okay, so she constantly occasionally texts her friends.

The rule here is that since said cell phone is really mine, I reserve the right to seize and check

that there are no shenanigans going on with regard to texting…ie: non-twelve year old topics.

In one of my recent cell phone inspections,

I was dizzied with the crazy bad grammar and spelling these kids use when communicating with each other.

Seriously, I can barely understand what they’re saying.

Here are a few random examples:

“Watz up?”

“Wat u gunna do?

“Skool iz haaard”

“I’m cunfused”

“She duznt like mehh”

The list could literally be a mile long, and to be fair my daughter is a bright girl who writes well, has a lovely vocabulary and is a great speller.

All of  which, are summarily tossed out the window,

when the cell phone comes out, and the text’s start flowin’.

It drives me freaking crazy.

When I finally asked why she and her friends don’t at least spell the words correctly,

she looked at me as if I had a third eye, and sighed, “Oh Mom, my way is faster!”


ADM, we in trubl.


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